LD 1446 and LD 1371 – Lori Gramlich’s Voting Record

Are you aware that State Representative Lori Gramlich of Old Orchard Beach voted not ONCE, but TWICE to KEEP the Maine State Sales and Use Tax in place on the purchase of gold and silver coins? Now why is that?

129th Maine Legislature:

“An Act To Remove Sales and Use Taxation on Gold and Silver Coins”
Sponsored by Representative Justin Fecteau

Rollcall Details for H Roll-call #123 Date: May 23, 2019
LD 1446 (HP 1058):


130th Maine Legislature:

“An Act To Exempt Gold and Silver Transactions from State Sales and Use Tax”
Sponsored by Representative Richard Cebra

Rollcall Details for H Roll-call #134
LD 1371 (HP 1005) June 3, 2021


Please contact Lori at Tel. (207) 232-1067 or email her at: gramlich4statehouse@gmail.com and ask her WHY she voted as she did on these two important bills to encourage the use of sound money!

“No State shall …. Make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a tender in payment of debts.” – U.S. Constitution, Article I, Section 10.

Ask Lori: Why should Maine citizens be TAXED on what the Constitution REQUIRES us to use as money?

LD 1446 and LD 1371
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